Vietnamese Summer Rice Rolls


(Vegan & Gluten Free)

Vietnamese spring roll wrappers are fantastic to use. They are low calorie around 40kcal each and really quick plus they seem to last forever so having a pack in stock is essential. Sold dried, spring rolls just need to be rehydrated before use and its takes seconds. Traditional fillings included BBQ pork, cooked prawns and rice noodles but here we just used veggies. Essential here is the use of fresh herbs (basil and mint) crunchy thinly sliced veg plus a really punchy dipping sauce. These are perfect for picnics as they are very portable (see note below) and for pre dinner drink nibbles.

I pack of spring rolls
2 carrots, peeled and cut into thin strips
I red, yellow and orange pepper cut into thin strips
2 Spring onions cut into thin strips
1 pack of Secretts Salad leaves
1 bunch of fresh mint, remove the leaves from the stalks wash and drain well
1 bunch of fresh sweet or Thai basil leaves (or use both) as above
Some edible flowers (optional)

Dipping sauce

100ml sweet chilli sauce
juice of two limes
for non vegans a dessertspoon of fish sauce

Combine the ingredients and place in a serving dish

To assemble the rice rolls

Have a large bowl of water ready and lay out your fillings.

Dip a rice pancake into the water and place on a chopping board. One-third in start assembling your salad ingredients with carrots, peppers, salad leaves, spring onion and herbs. Once the pancake has softened fold over the end closest to you over the ingredients. You need to be firm here and squeeze the ingredients to make a tight compact roll. Fold once again and then tuck the edges in on each side and finish your roll. Create the rest and place on a serving dish with the dipping sauce.

If you are taking these on a picnic or making in advance be warned they dry out pretty quickly so make sure you wrap them in a dampened sheet of paper towel and keep in an airtight container.

Recipe by Shirlee Posner from @eatsurrey (