Secretts Cavolo Nero

Cavola (or Cavolo) Nero is also known as Tuscan Black Cabbage or Kale. It is a member of the Kale family but prized for its long dark green leaves which are usually removed from its fibrous stem or stalk. It’s famous for being able to withstand autumn frosts. Incredibly nutritious and loved by nutritionists as each portion carries almost double your daily requirement of Vitamin K, around 30% of Vitamin C and smaller but significant amounts of Vitamin A, Folate and Manganese.  A seasonal winter staple along with Kale and once you get hang of cooking it a delicious addition to many dishes. You will find some links below to a few ideas we think you will love.

Cavola Nero can be used in salads, stir fries, to make pasta sauce, pesto and baked as chips. Recipe links below.

Here is our guide to preparing kale which is very similar to Cavola Nero. If you don’t want to use a knife (our preferred method) you can simply strip the leaves from the stalk with your fingers.

Download a printable kitchen copy of our pesto recipe here  kitchen copy kale pesto

Links to recipes 

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