Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard is an annual crop here at Secretts. Its super nutritious and much loved by our wholesale customer (London Restaurants) and by our farm shop customers too. Although named Swiss Chard this vegetable is a native of the mediterranean rather than Europe and part of the beetroot and spinach family.

Chard growing here at Secretts!

How to Prepare

Preparation of chard is very similar to kale shown below. First thoroughly wash the leaves in water to remove any surface particle of soil. Spin or drain well and pat dry with a paper towel to remove any water. Lay the leaves upside down on a chopping board and remove the stem by cutting on either side with a small sharp knife. With chard the stems, as they are not as fibrous as kale can be used in cooking but they just need longer to cook that the leaves which will shrink back in a similar way to spinach. Scroll down to see some links to recommended recipes.

Here are some links to a few recipes we think you may enjoy!

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