Secretts Rhubarb

Page last updated on 2nd April 2023

Our home grown rhubarb is not grown in poly tunnels or forced so will enter the farm shop in mid April. We have a fantastic field of fully established Rhubarb which gives us a great crop from Spring throughout the summer, usually ending towards the end of July.

Cooking with Rhubarb

Rhubarb is traditionally poached but you only need a very small amount of water as it breaks down really easily. Modern cooks recommend roasting rhubarb (as in the recipe below) as it develops the flavour and you retain the texture better without it falling apart. If you are using rhubarb in a dessert it needs to be sweetened as its quite sour on its own. Unlike other crops like carrots and beetroot you cannot eat rhubarb leaves they are quite sour like their stalks and can cause an upset tummy, they are perfect for composting though. In addition to crumbles and cakes rhubarb is often used in jams, chutneys and in savoury sauces. Follow this link to view some great ideas for adding rhubarb to savoury dishes.

Here is a delicious cake recipe by Sally Idles. We hope you give it a try its a great way to use Rhubarb. Scroll down to view the recipe or download an A4 printer friendly copy here.