Secretts Heritage Beetroot

One of our most loved seasonal crops. We sell these as bunched baby beets throughout the season and as more mature beets later in the season loose. We grow golden, scarlet & chioggia beetroot (which is stripy). To ensure we have a crop to harvest throughout the growing season we start sowing in February and continue to sow every few weeks or when the previous crop is showing on the ground. The seeds are sown 52mm apart and take about 10 weeks to reach maturity when they are harvest ready. 

Beetroot can be used raw or cooked but beware the stripes in chioggia will fade when they are cooked so they are often used raw cut very thinly in salads (this can be done in a food processor or using a mandolin).

Baby beets are delicious roasted to serve with a roast dinner or for use in a salad, hummus or in sandwiches. If you scrub the skins thoroughly before cooking you can either leave the skins on to use in your chosen dish or rub them off. We suggest leaving the skins on as its less work and they are very tender and delicious. If you do want to remove the skins once roasted (first let then cool) then using a cloth with a coarse texture rub the surface of the beetroot and the skins will come away easily.

You can find a  selection of beetroot recipes in our ebook –  click on this link to download your copy of our  Beetroot Ebook (1)