Secretts Jerusalem Artichokes

Page last updated on Saturday 14th January 2023

Jerusalem artichokes are a variety of sunflower with a lumpy, brown or red skinned tuber that often resembles a ginger root. No relative at all to Green leafy globe artichokes or Jerusalem. Its white flesh is nutty, sweet and crunchy, and is a good source of iron. Jerusalem artichokes are also known as sunchokes and earth apples. If you want to find out more about their history and when they were introduced to the UK follow this link. 

Known for taking hold and spreading we grow our artichokes in tubs on the farm. A few years ago we had so many that had started to spread in the ground at Secretts we kept a herd of pigs who naturally love artichokes and they did an efficient job for us eating up and destroying the plants.

We remove as much mud from our artichokes after harvest but should always wash anything like artichokes and potatoes that grow underground (or in tubs). You can wash in water using a vegetable brush and then peel by first removing the little knobs and then using a sharp knife or potato peeler. For mash or soups you can leave the skins on if you prefer.

Cooking Artichokes 
Jerusalem artichokes can be cooked very much like you would potatoes or parsnips, and are excellent roasted (where they transform into a wonderful toffee like texture, or sliced into a gratin dish and they also make glorious soups.

Like potatoes store in a cool, dark place and they will happily keep well for up to 10 days.

When are Jerusalem artichokes in season?
Although Jerusalem artichokes are knobbly by nature, look for ones with fewer knobs if you hate peeling!

Be warned Jerusalem artichokes are famous for their flatulent side effects when eaten in large quantities.

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