Development at Secretts

Page last updated Monday 28th August 2023

Secretts Planning Permission Granted

As many of you will already be aware, Secretts has now been given planning permission to build much needed housing, a new farm shop, public green space and a new healthcare centre for the local residents.

Secretts history is embedded in the local community as a fourth generation family business. The business was founded by F.A.Secrett the current owners late grandfather in 1908 nearer London who moved to Hurst Farm in Milford in 1937. In those days we were market gardeners and sold to the public via local markets and into London. Changing food retail systems and shopping habits saw this route to market decline.

In the 1960’s, our business was challenged by overproduction, the advent of supermarkets and consequent low prices. Growers had to diversify to survive or go under. The government charged local councils to aid farmers to create new revenue pathways. Waverley Borough Council in response granted consent to allow Secretts in 1972, to open one of the first garden centres in the country and later in 1979 to open our Farm Shop. We are delighted that planning has now been granted for us to meet the needs of the local community again as a site for additional housing. This, you may not know is the result of a directive from the UK Government to Waverley Borough Council to create more housing locally. We were the site that was deemed more suitable by residents and planners after years of consultation.

The approved proposal carries the heritage, history and traditions of a unique family business into the future. The new Farm Shop is at the heart of our proposal and will provide a modern fit for purpose, energy efficient retail facility. The farm will continue to grow crops for our farm shop, local and London markets. We will continue to grow a comprehensive range of quality fruits and vegetables that are revered both locally and in restaurants in the Capital. 

The planning consent for the site includes enhanced traffic management in and around the area, and the community space which will reinforce and revitalise the centre of the village of Milford. In addition, we have included a rural hub that will provide affordable small units for local businesses to rent, and we are creating sports pitches to provide facilities which are essential for growing healthy communities.

We have in addition donated the land to the local GP practice so that they can create a new and modern health centre for the residents of Milford and Witley.

The scheme has twice been overwhelmingly endorsed by local residents as the preferred site for the provision of extra housing in Milford and Witley. We are grateful for the support and backing of our Parish Council who have guided and encouraged us throughout the whole process. We would like to thank everyone who has been involved with the project to date and look forward to the next stage. This will be to build the new farm shop so we can move into it and make way for the health centre (a priority) to be built.

We will keep you regularly updated on the project via our website and social media platforms. If you have any questions do direct them to us here so we can give you clear and concise updates rather than hearsay from third parties.