Secretts is located at Hurst farm in Milford South West of Godalming in the heart of Surrey. Our Veg-cart-BW_8x7business has been here since 1937 and today we have a wonderful farm shop located in the former stables, an expanding wholesale produce business and a pick-your-own farm area.  We host a farmers market every month and hold food and family events throughout the year. In addition we go on the road to sell our homegrown produce (including salad leaves, baby carrots and beets) throughout the South East at farmers markets.

Since opening in 1979 our farm shop has earned a gourmet reputation for its eclectic range of traditional and modern food ingredients from small independent producers. You’ll find British classics like mustards and chutneys alongside a global smorgasbord of culinary ingredients. Spices, curry sauces and pastes are part of our expanding range of gorgeous cooking ingredients. We compliment our award winning homegrown produce with essential imported vegetables to fill in the seasonal gaps in the farm shop. Add to this wonderful meat from on site ethical butcher, Black Barn who stock rare breeds, free range meats and award winning burgers, sausages and other meat products.

Whilst you are here have a delicious meal or slice of cake in Eliza’s Tearoom, take a stroll round the lake or buy a gift in our fair trade boutique. Secretts is a premier lifestyle destination described by Surrey Life as something of a Surrey powerhouse!

Come and visit, we know you won’t be disappointed.



Charles Secrett


Growing up in a farming family must have made an impact as when I left home at 18 I followed my own successful career in horticulture. When my father was taken ill in the mid 1970’s I returned at his request to look after the business. At this time the farming world was rapidly changing and market farmers like us were responding to the ways in which our trade was evolving. The move from local shops to supermarkets, membership of the EU and movement of fresh produce meant a big change in the way we traded. The move from local shops to supermarkets, membership of the EU and movement of fresh produce meant a big change in the way we traded. Many of our core crops were competing with cheaper imports. In response to this in 1977 we turned our original stables that had housed our workhorses into a farm shop. We had a queue outside the day we opened and we never looked back.   find out more

Greg Secrett

As a child I was always interested in the farm and can remember many happy hours spent GREG-Secrett-OUR-people6x9-harvesting spinach and other vegetables during the school holidays. I even used to get up early and help before school in the busy periods. I went to university to study French and business but sadly a burst appendix put pay to my academic career and I missed so much of the first term that I came back home.  Intending to start again the next academic year I worked on the farm full time and found that I really enjoyed it. That was fifteen years ago and I haven’t looked back since. To start with I worked with farm managers and agronomists learning from them and doing my own research. Eventually I learnt all I needed to know about running and managing the farm and a few years ago I took over myself.  find out more


Nicola Secrett

When I met Charles in 2004 I still had a career in banking. When a role came up on the farm Nicola Secrett6x9helping with sales I was delighted to help out. Secrett’s leaves were proving to be so popular and sales had been increasing fast so it needed a new level of organisation. In addition to the salads we have also built a reputation for baby carrots and beetroot using a mix of hybrid and heritage seeds. We also grow a select range of more unusual vegetables for some of the top London Chefs such as Celtuce (also known as celery lettuce prized for its thick stem). Selling our produce to an increasing number of pubs, restaurants and fine dining venues meant we have been steadily increasing yields each year to meet demand. Currently we sell 1.2 tons of salad leaves every week with a high proportion (500kilos) going into London alone. Find out more