Secretts Kale

Secretts Kale

We grow 2 different varieties of kale at Secretts. Tuscan (Cavolo Nero) and Curly Kale in purple and green. Kale is renowned for its nutritional profile and of being one of the healthiest vegetable in existence. It can be a little dull to eat on its own but incorporated into a dish like the Ribollita or Hash recipes shown below its comes into its own! You can also make the most delicious chips with Kale (link to recipe here)

Tuscan Kale in a nutritious dark green member of the Kale family with long crinkly leaves. Prized for its nutritional profile and not loved quite so much for its fibrous stalk. Easy to remove to inner stalk and delicious in so many dishes. Here is a handy guide on how to prepare and below you will find a couple of recipes that we have featured in our monthly newsletters. Don’t want to miss out? you can sign up for our newsletter here.

Here is a handy guide to preparing kale (this works for curly or Tuscan but its curly shown here)

Kale and Stilton Pancakes 

Download and print friendly copy of the recipe kale pancakes kitchen copy This recipe was created for Secretts by Shirlee Posner of @eatsurrey

Ribolitta – Tuscan baked soup

This recipe was created by Sally Iddles for Secretts March Newsletter 2022

Download a Kitchen Copy to print off  here

Chorizo, Kale and Celeriac Hash

Download a Kitchen Copy to print off here

Kale with Black Rice and Kale

Secretts Kale served with Susana and Daughters Organic black rice and cod. View the recipe below. If you feel like giving this a try why not print an Kitchen Copy Here.