Secretts Spinach Beet

Spinach beet is also known as perpetual spinach. If you visit Australia you may find it referred to as silver beet and there are many recipes from Donna Hay one of the most famous food writers down under. We have put a link below to some of these and to Delicious Magazine Australia that have a brilliant compilation available.

This seasonal leaf is jam packed with nutrients. It is an is an excellent source of Vitamins A & K and a good source of Vitamin C and the mineral magnesium which means it’s a great addition to a healthy diet.

Use in dishes like spinach and either discard the stem which takes longer to cook than the leaves or chop them and add to your dish first so they have a little longer to cook. The instructions below which we prepared for our home grown Rainbow Chard which is perfect for preparing Spinach Beet too! Younger spinach beet will have a more tender central stem which is fine to eat without removing.


Donna Hay recipes for Silver Beet

Delicious Magazine Australia Recipes for Silver Beet

See the recipe here,  from Local Food Writer Elizabeth Silver for Swiss Chard featured in our recent newsletter.

Download a kitchen copy here.