Nicola Secrett

Nicola Secrett6x9When I met Charles in 2004 I still had a career in banking. When a role came up on the farm  helping with sales I was delighted to help out. Secrett’s leaves were proving to be so popular and sales had been increasing fast so it needed a new level of organisation. In addition to the salads we have also built a reputation for baby carrots and beetroot using a mix of hybrid and heritage seeds. We also grow a select range of more unusual vegetables for some of the top London Chefs such as Celtuce (also known as celery lettuce prized for its thick stem). Selling our produce to an increasing number of pubs, restaurants and fine dining venues meant we have been steadily increasing yields each year to meet demand. Currently we sell 1.2 tons of salad leaves every week with a high proportion (500kilos) going into London alone.

As the business grew the logistics changed and a few years ago we realized that in order to meet demand that we had become a haulage company as well as working farm. So in order to concentrate on what we do best (growing vegetables) we outsourced all distribution. If you are a new customer please get in touch using the email address below to find out who your distributor will be. We still take orders for collection directly from the farm.

I am also your ‘go to’ person for information, ordering and for trade events with suppliers. Our policy is ‘pick to order’ each day guaranteeing sweetness and flavour. We have a fantastic team of farm workers who make all this possible from sowing seeds every day to harvesting orders, enabling you to have the freshest produce on the market direct to your door.