We are launching a new programme to increase the amount the of local artisan food products that we stock at Secretts.By inviting you to come in and pitch your product to us it will help us to get to know you and your product better. Our panel will include our farm shop management team and some other key people within the business. There may be four to five of us at the session but we want these sessions to be informative and relaxed too.

Book your slot

If you would like to take part in this programme please contact Greg Secrett our MD to book your slot by email greg@secretts.co.uk. Make sure you consider the factors that we have laid out below when you present to our buying team. We are very keen to stock products that have not been listed in supermarkets and are currently looking at our shelves to remove products that have moved into this retail area.

What do we mean by local?

We recognise that many local producers are not based in Surrey so we are not limiting ourselves to this county alone. We welcome producers from further afield who can offer something unique, exciting and different to our current stock!

Who will be there?

The sessions will be with our buying team and will last approx thirty minutes. Depending on the type of product we will either meet in the main office above the gift shop or at the PYO area. The format should include a short presentation about your product/products and then a tasting session. Please let us know ahead of your scheduled session if you will require re-heating facilities.

What sort of products are we looking for?

We are keen to see as many different products as possible from the South East. Chocolates, cakes, cheese, biscuits, ice-cream, savoury dishes, charcuterie and beer are just some of the items we stock from local companies but there is room for more. If your product tastes great, has a real point of difference then we are keen to see it. A long shelf life is a big plus.

If you are not sure if your product is right for us please consider some of the following:


Additional Information

In addition to the information listed above we will also need to know about HACCP, shelf life, product testing and analysis (nutritional information & allergens). Products with a short shelf life will be considered but may need to include a sale or return policy for the first sales period.

If your product is accepted then it may be for an initial trial period of one month only. This will be agreed at the outset. We will use our social media channels to tell our customers about your product and we would expect you as a supplier to work with us on this.

Apart from the product itself we will be looking at how active you are on social media platforms, how many followers you have and how you support your current customers. This could be posting regular blog posts, recipes, serving suggestions and special offers. We also run regular “Meet the Producer”.  Events for you to come in and do tastings of your products wtih our customers. These usually happen on a Friday or Saturday and run from 10.30am-3.30pm.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss or to book your slot. Please get in touch in the first instance with Greg our Managing Director greg@secretts.co.uk.