Sourdough September

Last page update Thursday 31st December 2020

Click the link here to download a copy of our  Cheese Recipe Booklet  Ebook featuring the recipes created during Sourdough September! A perfect way to use up any cheese.

Started by the Real Bread Campaign ‘Sourdough September’ is held every year to celebrate the skill of making bread the ‘old fashioned way’ using natural yeast found in flour .This is simply mixed with water and fermented to create a starter which replaces commercial dried yeast.  At Secretts we have started to sell a lot more yeast and flour than we did before lockdown so we thought we would celebrate a return to home baking. For those of you for whom baking is not your thing we sell a great range of sourdough and slow-dough breads so come and try what we have on offer. Great tasting bread needs time to slowly ferment and develop a great flavour. We have plenty to offer in store delivered fresh every day.We will be giving out samples from Wednesday – Sunday in September.

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Secretts Sourdough Challenge

Follow us on facebook (@SecrettsFarm)  to get daily instructions on what to do to create your starter. We are following the method perfected by one of our suppliers Dove Farm. They have a fantastic section on making sourdough on their website. Download the starter table here and print off  Doves_Farm_SourdoughStarterTable1 (1)–  it’s a great guide to follow with us and keep notes.