Veg Boxes

Page last updated Wednesday 27th May 2020


The last few days the veg boxes have been getting too hot! So we have decided to stop leaving them outside the farm shop. If you want a  vegetable or salad box please call the farm shop and  we will make one up for you so its in tip top condition. Call the farm shop on 01483 520545. We will still be offering this as drive thru with contactless payments.

Drive Thru Veg Box Scheme

Please note you must order this in advance now due to the hot weather – see above.

From Wednesday 25th March we will be offering a drive thru veg box scheme from outside the farm shop. These will be pre-packed see choice below. We are afraid that at this time we are unable to offer pick n mix.  Arrive at the farm shop entrance and pay with a contactless card at our stall. Take your veg (and fruit) box. No need to come into the shop you will be able to do this from the safety of your own car. Please remember to have your payment card ready. This is for the pre-packed vegetable boxes only we will not be able to offer anything else from the farm shop at this time.

We hope you find this new scheme helpful in this challenging environment.

Please note that the boxes are available from Monday – Saturday and not on Sundays. If we run out (this can happen as availability is difficult at times) then we will post this on our social media platforms. When we have run out this usually towards mid to late afternoon. Timing your visit can be helpful here.

Contents of our vegetable boxes are as shown and may vary in variety due to availability.